Hanford West Mighty Huskies

Updated 7-18-14

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 to help us purchase instruments and equipment for our students
All Mighty Huskies Instrumentalist need to download SmartMusic and follow the practice routines in the Foundations for Superior Performance Books.  
We want all musicians to be the BEST that they can be so start practicing.  GO HUSKIES!!

The Olympus Field Show Music is now available
Click here to be taken to the link.  
Do not share the music files with anyone. 

The files are also on Smart Music.  You can log in and start practicing your parts anytime. Field_Show_2014.html
These letters have been mailed.  If you did not receive them you can get them here. 
     Band Camp 2014.doc             leaders letter for camp14.docWelcome_files/Band%20Camp%202014.docWelcome_files/leaders%20letter%20for%20camp14.docshapeimage_5_link_0shapeimage_5_link_1
Flute Boot with Tracy Harris will be held at the band room at Hanford West on Monday, July 28th from 10 am to 4:30 pm.  Click here to download the sign up sheet.  If you cannot afford the $40 fee you can call Ms. Harris and she will help you out.  All Flute players coming to HW should attend this clinic. Welcome_files/hANFORD%20WEST%20Boot%207%2028%202014.pdf